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Advertising style

Banner ad

Advertising ideas are displayed at the bottom of mobile phone pages with pictures. Advertising sizes are highly integrated with web pages, which greatly improves users'attention.

Information ad

Information flow advertising refers to an advertising form that intelligently promotes users'preferences and characteristics according to the attributes of social groups.

Full screen ad

Full-screen advertising is in the form of pictures in the user pause or end of the full-screen pop-up, using the waiting time to enhance the advertising effect.

Icon ad

Icon advertising will be creative to show pictures on the left or right side of mobile pages, advertising size and web pages are highly integrated, greatly improving user attention.


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Rich advertising

High-quality advertisers cooperate and strictly control the quality of advertising to ensure a coordinated user experience

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Detailed data statistics

Numerous advertisers and high-quality advertising forms ensure the click-through rate of advertisements and increase the revenue of webmasters.

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Strong technical force

The leading technical team in the industry has unique technical advantages for the advertising platform system.

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Intimate service

Quick review of newly submitted websites. Timely Response and Quick Account Acquisition for Station Master's Advertising Fee Presentation Audit

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